History of SHOTT

In 2006, with the help of close family and friends, the Louisson’s transformed their fresh juice company Nectar Juices into one of New Zealand’s first beverage concentrate businesses. Using the same expertise and ingredients, SHOTT Beverages developed new recipes to be reduced down into concentrated, shelf stable syrups so more people could enjoy these authentic drinks.

The drinks were named SHOTT because the flavours were so intense, people said they were like biting into freshly picked fruit! From there, SHOTT has continued to expand into premium coffee syrups and chai concentrates with loyal customers from New Zealand and 14 countries worldwide.

Since then, SHOTT has soared. Twice, SHOTT been named in the Deloittes Fast 50. Still to this day SHOTT is crafting great tastes in Petone, Wellington with the same philosophy – shots of real flavours, from real ingredients as Mother Nature intended.


Carefully manufactured & crafted in New Zealand with natural ingredients to maintain original real taste of the flavors.


Highly packed and concentrated ingredients that delivers an intense punch of flavors to your taste bud.

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