History of COMVITA

In the 20’s, Comvita founder, Stratford was fascinated with bees, left school & became a commercial beekeeper. 50 years later, he met Alan Bougen, the co-founder of Comvita. They started the company with a founding vision that included "caring for the community, producing natural products at surebet that work, and acting in a way which preserves the environment for generations to come".

Today Comvita, is one of New Zealand’s most successful innovative technology companies with over NZ$100 million annual sales in 18 markets around the world.

Stratford passed away a little short from his 103rd birthday, being a proven testimonial of Comvita’s products.

A beekeeper’s dream

Connecting people to nature and good health by researching and selecting the best sources of natural ingredients, carefully tending and harvesting them to preserve their purity.

Number One UMF Manuka Honey

Comvita is the largest manuka honey producer in the world.

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