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Our Latest Journey


Pulp by Papa Palheta

Pulp sits as a lone garage by itself in the middle of nowhere which is expected no less from Papa Palheta. The same people behind Chye Seng Huat and Nylon cafe in Singapore, they always aim to deliver cafes in new ulu location for the ultimate cafe experience. Heck, even the toilets have their own neon lights and are really cool.

The coffee culture in Pulp is especially strong, with beans left in cups for you to sample taste/smells.



Merchant Lane

A rather large converted shophouse on the second level, first thing I noticed here was the mad wave of Instagrammers (The #ootd type, exploiting every single wall and scenery for the perfect shot).

Merchant Lane seems built for Instagram shots, with swings, textured walls, a high window for natural light to fall through, a big trend about cafes in KL was how the Instagram culture here surpasses food to include the people themselves.



VCR houses a see-through ceiling kind of like a glasshouse allowing natural light to fall through easily, making it a really chill place to watch the afternoon drive by. There’s a second floor with more room and a grassy area to experience a picnic-like brunch as well.

I love the play on darker tastes instead of making it the atypical sweet dessert. Their menu is specially curated with new limited period dishes during seasons like Christmas, CNY etc.

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